Leanna began her teaching career as an undergrad at Brigham Young University in 1989 where she also studied pedagogy under the tutelage of BYU’S guitar program developer Lawrence Green.

She continued to hone her teaching skills as an instructor at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music from 1996 to 1999.  It is there she became interested in clawhammer banjo and mandolin.  She has been teaching guitar, piano, clawhammer banjo and mandolin in the Atlanta area since 2004. 


Piano:  Leanna began her musical training on classical piano at age 8.  She firmly believes that a strong foundation in piano will help any musician have a deeper understanding of how music works.  With a strong emphasis on the importance of technique, theory, ear training, and rhythm, the lessons strive to lay a foundation for any style of music the student may find of interest.


Clawhammer Banjo:  Leanna’s background as a multi-instrumentalist gives a unique perspective on clawhammer and she uses this technique not only to play/teach Old Time, but other musical styles as well.  Visit the Scruggs vs. Clawhammer page to learn more about the differences between these banjo techniques.

MandolinMandolin: Leanna began playing the mandolinwhile teaching guitar at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago in the late 90’s studying with Colby Maddox of the bluegrass band Sunny Side Up.  Leanna played and recorded mandolin with the Americana ensemble Georgia Fireflies, playing at venues and events all over the Southeast.

Guitar 02

Guitar:  Lessons are designed to include techniques needed to play guitar in any style or genre.  Note reading, rhythm, melody (lead), strumming techniques, chord building, chord changing principles, picking techniques and fingerstyle are some of the topics covered.   She likes to spend less time talking about how to play and more time actually having her students play and often playing and singing along with them.  (Classical guitar lessons also available.)

Please note that the above are only suggested curriculums.  Lessons are always tailored to individual learning styles, needs and goals.

For more information email: leannafugate@gmail.com