Hands on piano

“Leanna is an outstanding teacher. She is patient, has a plan in mind to help you learn the banjo and knows her stuff. I would recommend her to anyone.” – Edward D. (online clawhammer banjo) 

“My 9 year old son and I have been consistently taking piano (for him) and clawhammer banjo lessons (for me) since January 2014. We go together, and it’s been wonderful tackling the challenge of learning something new at same time. Leanna is kind, flexible, but creates appropriate expectations so that you actually progress. She is also skilled and exceptionally reliable. We believe our son has enjoyed piano and stuck with it because Leanna is not only so good with children but has also chosen a great curriculum that progresses through songs and encourages a sense of confidence, without spending too much time bogged down in hardcore theory. He actually enjoys sitting down at the piano and practicing (usually…). And for me, I started too late and am too distracted with other things to be a great player, but I enjoy the process and love the instrument – especially nights out on the porch. And I enjoy trying to keep up with my son. But without Leanna, I wouldn’t be where I am now. So, would I recommend her to one of my best friends? You betcha.”  – Scott L. (piano and clawhammer banjo)

“I have been working with Leanna for over five years. We started with guitar which I had been playing quite a while but had never pushed myself to improve. She taught me finger picking styles and I was amazed by how quickly I was able to play some pretty complex songs. Then I bought a mandolin and we started from scratch and studied old timey tunes and some classical. Leanna was extremely patient in teaching the very basics. Now we’re back to guitar, and I’m currently learning different styles in open tunings. All of this is to say that Leanna is a great teacher across a variety of instruments and genres. (She is also an incredible musician!)” – Dave S. (guitar and mandolin)

“I had never played an instrument before I started taking clawhammer banjo lessons from Leanna about three years ago. Because of her knowledge of the banjo, music theory, and her patience with a true beginner, I was playing my first song after just a couple classes. Leanna pushes you just enough so that it does not get boring but not so much that you feel overwhelmed. Thanks to Leanna I can now sit on my porch and play the old tunes that I grew up with! I have thoroughly enjoyed taking lessons from Leanna and look forward to many, many more!” – John J. (clawhammer banjo)

“I have been taking lessons from Leanna for over a year, and have really enjoyed having her as my teacher! She is very knowledgeable about music theory, in addition to providing practical and accessible instruction for playing clawhammer banjo. While she does teach some old time tunes, she also teaches tunes of other genres, for those folks who don’t want to stick to just old time.” – Audrey L. (clawhammer banjo)

“I have been taking mandolin with Leanna for almost 3 years now. She is VERY patient and always encouraging. I totally recommend her for Mandolin if you’ve ever wanted to play!” – Debba W.  (mandolin)

Weddings and Events


“Leanna Fugate played the clawhammer banjo at my wedding in the Redwoods. It was magical and festive. She arranged songs my Husband and I love as well as some fantastic suggestions of her own. She played during the seating, processional and recessional, and at the reception, so many people complimented us on our choice of music and musician. Everyone was so impressed, my Brother and his Fiance decided to have her play at their wedding a year later. Leanna is truly a Professional Artist and I would recommend you hire her for every and any event you wish to punctuate with great music.” –Hannah & Joshua W.

“Leanna Fugate did a wonderful job playing in our wedding ceremony. She played mandolin while guests arrived, classical guitar during the ceremony, and sent us off with a banjo number. We could not have been happier with the music and highly recommend her.” – Jeff. H.